Beshvil HaShanti Policy

  1. I hereby confirm that I am healthy and fit for the Journey, I have properly trained for it and my physical state has been checked and approved by a certified physician.
  2. I am aware that the organizing committee, the Municipality, the local authority or any other entity linked to the event, shall not assume any responsibility for any damage that may be inflicted upon me, including physical injury before, during or after the event, and damages to property or loss of any equipment. I’m therefore waiving any right to claim damages from the aforementioned entities for any injury or damage to property. I am aware that I am obligated to obtain, at my own expense, accidents, insurance as a bicycle rider and an insurance for the bicycle and the equipment I intend to bring with me on the journey.
  3. In order to be registered and to participate in the Journey one has to be on the list of participants, to complete as required the registration form, to pay the total registration fees in advance, to receive a family doctor’s approval attesting that he is in proper physical condition, and to sign the codex. All these documents have to be submitted and verified at the Journey’s administration before the end of the registration.
  4. The organizers reserve the right to change the Journey’s path in accordance with orders from the police or other security forces, or in accordance with their considerations and road conditions.
  5. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify a rider from participating in the Journey, without providing any further explanations, as well as to interrupt a rider’s participation in the course of the Journey. A rider disqualified for any reason shall be entitled for a refund of the participation fees only, as an absolutely final compensation. A rider disqualified in the course of the Journey as a result of violation of any of the Journey’s regulations or the organizers’ instructions, shall not be entitled to any compensation. An electronic signature to this document is considered an approval of its contents.
  6. The Journey’s opening shot shall take place exactly on time. Riders who will not be ready in time will not be permitted to participate. Riders, including riders with hand-cycles and tandem bicycles, who will lag behind the main cluster of riders in the course of the Journey by more than 30 minutes, will not be permitted to continue riding and will be taken on a pick-up vehicle.
  7. The organizers reserve the right to shorten the Journey’s course for any of the riders, by giving them a lift to join other riders (any rider lagging behind the main riding cluster by more than 30 minutes will be advanced by a pick-up vehicle).
  8. Riding will not be permitted without an identification tag issued by the organizers.
  9. The organizers shall be responsible for the distance between the head vehicle to the pick-up vehicle. Participants are not permitted to ride outside of this range.
  10. Bicycle riders should adhere to instructions and traffic regulations.
  11. Riders are obligated to wear a helmet throughout the Journey.
  12. Stopping a rider or an accompanying vehicle must take place out of the way and beyond the right road margin.
  13. Riders shall advance in the right lane only and towards the road’s right margin.
  14. Riders shall comply and follow the organizers’ and attendants’ instructions.
  15. In case of a technical problem in one of the bicycles, or an injury, the rider should get off the road and wait at the road’s margin for pick-up vehicle or an ambulance.
  16. Riders should refrain from throwing water bottles or any other waste to the road’s margin.
  17. The event is defined as a popular event and not competitive race, With the exception of the first 45 km, which are defined as a competitive section for registrants.
  18. Those who marked “competition” at the time of registration and that they wish to participate in the competitive division, confirm by signing Appendix A (see Appendix below).
  19. The accompanying vehicles are not permitted to ride within the riders’ cluster.
  20. For your safety the road shall be partially closed to vehicular traffic. However this will force us to set a medium riding pace, as well as periodic stops to reduce gaps between the riders. We thank you for your understanding.
  21. If a rider bypasses the leading vehicle he is no longer in the organizers’ area of responsibility, and will be immediately removed from the area by the police.
  22. I am aware that my participation in the Journey is conditioned by my declarations and agreements, and that my electronic signature testifies to these agreements
  23. The biker agree to receive electronic messages or SMS 
  24. The minimum age for rider’s participation is 12 years old. The minimum age for rider’s participation in the competition is 15 years old. All bikers who are 17 years old and under must have an approval signed by their parents.
  25. The event took place according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

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